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Embark on a remarkable winter journey to the breath taking highlands of Ladakh, where nature reveals its untouched splendour. Witness Ladakh at its purest form, adorned with snow-drenched mountain vistas, frozen lakes, resilient nomads tending to their flocks of sheep and yaks, and vast stretches of snow-covered fields. Immerse yourself in the art of photography amidst the captivating rooftop of India during this guided photography expedition, showcasing the ethereal beauty of a season when the earth is blanketed in a pristine carpet of snow.

This extraordinary tour is part of our highly acclaimed collection of Himalayan photography expeditions, meticulously crafted by experienced mentors well-versed in the art of traversing and capturing the essence of this region. Join us today for an unparalleled and exclusive experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memories.

In winter, the highlands of Ladakh undergo a mesmerizing metamorphosis. The familiar brown mountain slopes are transformed into majestic canvases draped in glistening white snow. The entire earth seems to don a bridal gown, as an infinite expanse of gentle snow blankets the landscape. In this vast wilderness, where solitude reigns, the only companions are the whispering wind and the sound of your own breath, offering a profound sense of tranquillity amidst these extraordinary mountain vistas. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this remarkable transformation.

In the Changthang Plateau, an ethereal stillness descends upon the landscape as the renowned Pangong Lake and Tso Moriri Lake freeze over. Concealed beneath a thick icy veil, even the rivers flow silently, adorned with captivating patterns of trapped air bubbles. Delicate icicles hang, releasing droplets of water that form a symphony of frozen artistry. The frost-kissed windows of cars display intricate designs, showcasing nature & creativity.

Yet, amidst this frozen tableau, life thrives. Brown grass, entangled in ice, creates intriguing formations. Nomads tend to their sheep and yaks near partially frozen streams, where resilient patches of grass persist, guarded by vigilant dogs watching out for predators. Majestic Kiang, also known as Tibetan Wild Asses, gallop gracefully through the snowy expanse, while birds soar through the skies in search of nourishment.

For photography enthusiasts and mountain admirers, the opportunities are boundless. However, this journey is no easy feat. Winter temperatures plummet to -25°C or lower, and at these altitudes surpassing 11,500 feet, the thin air presents additional challenges.

Thorough preparation and adequate safeguards make this adventure possible. Equipped with top-quality warm clothing from head to toe, traversing these extreme weather conditions becomes feasible. Prioritizing acclimatization is essential, dedicating the first two days of the tour to adjust to the altitude. Mentally and physically prepared, armed with the necessary equipment, you can embark on an exploration of these winter landscapes, experiencing relative comfort amidst the majestic surroundings.

8 Days

Kang yatse I

Kang Yatse 1 peak lies in the renowned Markha valley in the Ladakh region. Markha valley is a popular trekking spot in the Himalayas. One can spot Stok Kangri, Saser Massif, and Karakoram range peak doing this trek.


The word Chadar is derived from Urdu language translating to cloak which is precisely very apt for Chadar trek as it’s basically a trek across the frozen blanket of ice sheet over the Zanskar River

Zanskar Valley

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Bike Tours

Buckle up for the most precious bike trip of your life time. Stopover in sapphire lakes, rusty terrains, peaceful outbacks and almost anywhere your heart wants to.

Pangong Tour

Chamser kangri

This trek is a surreal dreamland trek. The snow is mushy and crunchy, with ice particles mixed in, while air from glaciers pours in, resulting in an exhilarating feeling.

Day 04: Towards Chumathang

Day 02: Exploring Monasteries and Shanti Stupa

Day 06: Ice Fields of Changthang at Puga

Day 07: Return to Leh

Day 03: Journey to Pangong Lake

Day 05: Tso Moriri Exploration

Day 08: Tour Ends

Day 01: Arrival in Ladakh and Acclimatization



Prices valid for minimum 03, 04 & 06 pax traveling together in one vehicle.
25% advance (Non Refundable) to be deposited at the time of booking confirmation.
Balance 75% before the start of the Tour or on Arrival in Leh.
Check-In / Check out time at all the properties would be at 1200 hrs. (Noon)
All the above mentioned rates are per person rates on twin sharing basis.
Payment in Leh office should be Cash Only.
During Off Season Heaters will be provided at night for your comfort and Vehicles without any extra charges.


    Assistance upon arrival at Leh airport by Altitude Adventure's representative & traditional welcome at the Hotel/Guesthouse.
    Transportation as per the programme.
    All camping arrangements with all meals, crew, ponies for luggage.
    Return to the airport and round trip transfers along with all sightseeing tours by non-ac Vehicle as per the program.
    Inner line Permit to restricted / protected areas.
    Currently applicable taxes and service charges.
    Any future taxes / services / costs levied will be charged extra.

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