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This trek is a surreal dreamland trek. The snow is mushy and crunchy, with ice particles mixed in, while air from glaciers pours in, resulting in an exhilarating feeling. This harrowing moment will be something you can always recall, a memory you will always cherish, and an experience you will want to live again and again.


This amazing journey will begin with a strenuous acclimatisation hike through the well-known Markha Valley and continue with a more moderate climb to the impressive 22,765 ft. Chamsher Kangri, which offers a breathtaking view of Tsomoriri Lake. To really get the sense of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, hike to the Markha Valley in Ladakh.


Following some settlements, we will travel to see the ethnic Ladakhi side, and then, in order to walk, we will make our way across the magnificent Kongmaru La. If we can successfully climb the lower twin of twin peaks of Chamsher and Lungsher in the Rupshu area, we will then attempt to climb the higher twin of the pair. This place is majestic and offers the most authentic mountaineering experience. This trip gives Changpa Nomads an opportunity to experience their way of life while traversing the Changthang.

  • Early birds get the worm, thus, we will depart for Leh early in the morning so that we can get an early start to our adventure. The flight will allow us to look down from the heavens, like a spectator, to see what we are all about to experience for the first time. The aeroplane will touch down at one of the world's highest airports. Our Leh reps will pick us up and drop us off at our accommodations. Before setting out on our journey, we all need to take a break.

  • Soon after arriving in Ladakh, the adventurers will be taken on a sightseeing excursion to show them the place's great natural beauty. Shey and Thiksey Monastery is the first monastery we plan to visit. It was constructed as a summer retreat for the Ladakhi kings and queens.

    Due to its resemblance to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, Thiksey Monastery is renowned. Monasteries in these monasteries are inhabited by many monks. Books, notebooks, writings, statues, swords, and Thangka paintings are an important source of information on the Ladakhi culture. We'll go to the delightful market in Ladakh, rest up in the afternoon, and sample some new foods. It is a wonderful place to visit, no matter how big or tiny.

  • Finally, we set off on our third day on our journey. Once we've driven for two hours from Leh, we will pass through Chilling and stop at Kaya Do, where we will have to cable-trolley our way across the Zanskar River. But the picturesque grandeur of the river will be well worth the time spent. Following the path, we will proceed across the flat, barren plains next to the Indus River and into the foothills. The Zingchen Gorger will lead us on the way. This magnificent place is available for the adventurous to explore. At Zingchen's campsites, the night will be spent.

  • The path that would lead us to Markha does not have a lot of dynamic elements. As you move further, the Markha River appears several times. One can locate various wolf-traps that are put in winters throughout the trail. The next camp we'll be doing is located in the serene and scenic Markha village.

  • Gazing over the breathtaking snow-capped Kang Yatze is on our agenda for the next two days. In our walk we will get to see beautiful geological masterpieces in Ladakh. As we approach Hangkar village, we will make a slight detour to go to Thachungtse. We plan to stop and camp in the scenic Thachungtse valley after searching for the elusive blue sheep.

  • As Buddhist prayers, the inscriptions on the trail are a type of spiritual communication as well. Along the way, we will come across a little lake where we will be treated to one of the most amazing sights: the image of Kang Yatze in the calm waters of the lake. The valley where Markha is located is also visible from this location. The beauty of this region will restore our energy and we will then head in the direction of a settlement known as Nimaling, where Markha valley residents go to graze their animals. The night we spend in Nimaling, we sleep on the beach.

  • We can enjoy the stunning scenery of the Zanskar Valley as well as the sheer ice cliffs on the north face of Kang Yatze as we climb the last yet steep incline in the foothills. The Kongmaru La (18,450 ft) pass is a 3-hour hike to the summit. Initially, the trail gets steep before making a moderate ascent up to the riverbed at Chu Skirmo. We spend the night camping.

  • Shang Sumdo is located on the Shang River, which is over two hours' journey away by foot. Either the adventurers will travel to the Hemis Monastery or to Leh. In our hotel in Leh, we will have lunch, and after that, we will head out to see the various markets in Leh.

  • This is a day for rest, to renew ourselves, and to be ready for the second phase of our expedition. It is imperative that we obtain our permissions before travelling into restricted regions on this day.

  • We'll drive for about seven hours before arriving in Peldo and then we'll set out for the gigantic Tso-Moriri lake. The lake in Ladakh is over 14,800 feet above sea level. Also a great place to watch unique animals. When we look to the east of the lake, the gorgeous Chamsher Kangri may be found. We camp beside the lake for the night, and tomorrow we'll explore the surrounding area.

  • Our journey will take us four hours to get to the Skyurchu. Up the morning, we settle in for the night at our campsite.

  • Once we've completed a six-hour hike, we arrive at our Base Camp, which is located at an elevation of 16,100 feet. We spend the night camping.

  • The peak, or altitude, of Chamsher Kangri is not considered a technical difficulty, but many people get sick due to AMS, making the day there an opportunity to acclimatise to the weather and altitude. It is important to drink a lot of liquids. We stay there for the night.

  • We've hiked for four to five hours, and we've finally arrived at our Advance Base Camp. From here, we'll set out on our effort to reach the peak. Short term camping

  • We set out on our journey at 12:00am. In order to get to the summit, you must walk a great distance. During the quest, the explorers will face numerous intimidating and alluring obstacles. For adventurers, there are only challenges. The adventurers will have a lot of fun trekking to the summit of Chamsher Kangri. Reaching the summit will be an unmatched sensation of satisfaction. Back at the Base Camp, if we are exhausted we can rest or otherwise we can retreat to Advance Base Camp. Accordingly, we camp overnight.

  • This other day is held in reserve in case there is terrible weather and it would hinder our climb to the summit. In the unlikely event that we have to wait out a weather issue, we may visit the Changpa Village of Korzok, where there are nomadic tribes and lakes that have stunning beauty. We spend the night camping.

  • It takes us approximately four hours to walk to our camp, located on the mountain at Skyurchu, where we will spend the night.

  • Back to Leh, we travel along Tsokar Lake to the Taglang La Pass (17,400 feet) and then all the way down to Leh, which would take eight hours. In the morning, we pack up and get ready for an early departure. We spend the night at our hotel in Leh and wake up early the next morning.

  • After waving farewell, we depart for home early in the morning. Thus ends your journey, as you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Suitable for

Serious trekkers who want to experience extremely cold temperatures


Experience of any high altitude trek, at least 1 treks of 5,000m/16,400ft.


Sufficient stamina to cover 5 km of distance in 30 minutes

Price on Request

+5% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Leh airport to Leh airport | included transport

Pick up and centrally heated room included

Help & Support

+91 9622376001

+91 9419815333

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Best Season: Winter Treks (November, December, January, February, March

Snow: Jan & Feb

Services From: Leh Airport to Leh Airport | Included Transport

Meals: veg

Stay: Hotels/uest house


Chamser Kangri

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