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Nun Peak is a gorgeous mountain top in the Suru Valley elevated at 7135 metres. The expedition is packed with an adventure and physically enduring for seasoned trekkers. The moment you arrive at Leh, you can see the glittering presence of Mount Nun, the higher peak in Nun Kun massif.

  • You will arrive in Delhi and check-in at the hotel. After lunch, you will have to mandatorily visit\nIndian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) for a briefing. You can also rent essential equipment from\nthe IMF at a nominal fee. You will stay overnight in Delhi.

  • Altitude: 3500 m\nYou will fly from Delhi to Leh in an early morning flight. Leh is a high altitude region, you must get\nacclimatized to its climate for a challenging trek. You can spend your day for acclimatization.\nOvernight stay will be in Leh.

  • Today, you will spend time getting acclimatized to Leh’s climate and sightseeing. You can visit Leh’s\nOld Town that is dominated by the ancient Leh Palace. You can also check out the ancient Buddhist\nmonasteries around Leh like Thikse, Namgyal Tsemo, Hemis, and Sangam and Hemis. These are\nperfect places to find some inner peace and relaxation.

  • Altitude: 2676 m\nYour road trip starts early morning from the guest house after breakfast. Driving through spectacular\ncold desert highlands, you will take National Highway 1 that connects Kashmir to Ladakh. On both\nyour sides, you will have stunning visuals of the Great Himalayan mountains.\nYou will cross the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. This point is about 6km from Nimo, a\nvillage where you can have your packed lunch. You will see Magnetic Hill, Gurdwara Pathar Sahib\nand Lamayuru Moon Land on the way. After driving for about 7 to 8 hours through the stunning\nlandscape, you will reach the guest house in Kargil.

  • Altitude (3700 m)\nYou will drive through Suru Valley to the little hamlet of Tangul. It will be a 5-hour drive covering\nabout 75 kilometres. Kargil is a crowded little town that lies between the high passes of Zozi La and\nFotu La. You can shop for essential things in the local market for the expedition.

  • Altitude: 4600 m\nThe first day of the trek will be for 5 to 6 hours from Tangul to the base of the Nun-Kun massif. The\npath is snow-free but you will feel biting-cold weather. You will reach the base camp by evening and\nrest. The next day is dedicated for acclimatization as it is essential for the challenging expedition.

  • Summit (7135 m)\nFrom Day 6 to Day 15, you will have the camp in three spots - Advanced Base Camp (5400 m), Camp\n1 (5800 m), and Summit Camp (6400 m). The trail opens to a moraine ridge that steeply slopes up.\nYou will run into a glacier where the ridge slope ends. You might take a break on Day 8 at Camp 1\ndepending on the trekking scenario.\nFrom advanced base camp, you will descend to base camp and return up again to ferry goods in two\nphases. You will traverse along the baseline of the Nun mountain from the advanced base camp. You\nwill continue to 600 vertical meters on fixed rope equipment. It would take approximately 6 hours to\ncover. At 5800 metres, you will reach camp 1 and descend back to the advanced base camp for\novernight stay.\nAhead of Camp1, there will be a technical climb that continues to a subsidiary peak’s summit. You\nwill be challenged with steep snow slopes and a downward expedition from a crevassed col. Camp 2\nwill be set on a plateau of ice at 6400 meters below the summit climbing stretch of Nun. The final\nsummit climb would be reserved over two days, considering several attempts and resting gaps.\nThe closing 2300 feet of the summit has a steep and narrow snow ridge that is to be climbed with a\nfixed rope. There will be equal days returning to base camp. You will reach base camp by day 16.\nThere will be a contingency day.

  • You will descend for about 4 to 5 hours from Base Camp to Tangul road head. A camp would be set\nup there.

  • Early morning, you will begin the day with a drive from Tangul road-head to Leh. This will be a 12-\nhour leisure journey after the strenuous trek. You will stay in a hotel and your Nun Peak expedition\nends here.

  • You will take an early morning flight and fly to Delhi. Your overnight stay will be in Delhi.

Suitable for

Serious trekkers who want to experience extremely cold temperatures


Experience of any high altitude trek, at least 1 treks of 5,000m/16,400ft.


Sufficient stamina to cover 5 km of distance in 30 minutes

Price on Request

+5% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Leh airport to Leh airport | included transport

Pick up and centrally heated room included

Help & Support

+91 9622376001

+91 9419815333

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Trek Distance:

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Train Service:


Base Camp:

Best Season: Winter Treks (November, December, January, February, March

Snow: Jan & Feb

Services From: Leh Airport to Leh Airport | Included Transport

Meals: veg

Stay: Hotels/uest house


Nun Peak

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