The trek from Sabu to Durbuk is a high-altitude trek in Ladakh which gives you beautiful views of snow capped mountain peaks, beautiful turquoise blue rivers and lakes, green pastures and meadows as well the various animals grazing on the lush green grass like the sheep’s and the yak’s. You will be mesmerized by the sceneries on this trek as well as the various monasteries that dot the trail, the villages with friendly people and their culture which has remained unchanged through the years. This trek is best carried out in the months of June to September as it provides the most beautiful views.


Day 1:

Trek from Leh to Sabu

Duration: 4 hours 


The day starts with a trek from our starting point Leh, walking around 4 hours to reach our destination Sabu. Today is going to be a relatively easy trek day with a small pass to be cleared situated at 3800m. We hardly gain 300m in reaching Sabu as we start from Leh at 3500m. The village of Sabu is quite big and have ample exploration opportunities which can be quite rewarding. After dinner we will settle in for the night at our camp at 3850m.


Day 2:

Trek from Sabu to Digar-La Base Camp

Duration: 4-5 hours


We leave Sabu right after breakfast, cross the bridge across the stream and follow it to the base camp. As the stream is there, we always have a ready source of water. Further on the trail, we get beautiful glimpses of the Stok ranges with their snow-capped peaks depending on the time of the year. As we climb past 4900m, we reach a plateau which is at at the confluence of two valleys, both of which lead into the mountains. We will pitch our tent for the night in this plateau and enjoy the beautiful night views.


Day 3: 

Trek from Digar-La Base Camp to Chumik Yogma

Duration: 6-7 hours


We start our day right after breakfast, following the stream to our right along the path that zig zag’s its way up towards the pass at Digar-La. Situated at 5435m above sea level, the trek towards this pass would be quite slow owing to the steepness of the trail. However, the hard climb is rewarded by the beautiful views from the top of the pass as we can see the entire valley below. After the pass, we descent down along the various plateaus till we reach our camp at 4780m at Churmik Yogma.


Day 4: 

Trek from Churmik Yogma to Khyema

Duration: 7 hours


The trial today initially descents down before gaining some of the lost altitude and finally settling at 4140m in Khyema. We descent down the mountain trail through the greenery by the river. We can often see various animals like the Dzos and Yaks grazing along this river feasting on the lush green grasses. 2hours into the trail, we reach the village of Digar situated at 4000m. We rest here for some tea and visit the Gompa at Digar. Towards the west is the Tangyar and from there the valley leading into Nebuk-La. After resting, we continue towards Kungru whichh is downhill at an anltitude of 3630m. From Kungru we follow the kaccha road towards the camp site in the Khyema village at an altitude of 4140m.


Day 5:

Trek from Khyema to Tangyar

Duration: 6 hours


From Khyema, the trail steeps upwards towards the pass at Khyema-La which is at 4620m. and from here towards the road which meets our trail. If we follow the road all the way, we will reach Tangyar through the Wari-La pass. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries on the way as well as the various villages that lie along the path with friendly locals. Once in Tangyar, we will visit the monastery located here as well as the beautiful houses in the village. We will set up our camp in a meadow nearby which is at 3870m.


Day 6:

Trek from Tangyar to Jukthey

Duration: 5-6 hours


The path out of the village is quite small and not well marked which makes it difficult to spot. However follow the river till we reach the first bridge and from here take the left path to reach Jukthey which is located at 4930m. Jukthey has a small spring which we can visit.


Day 7:

Trek from Jukthey to Rale

Duration: 7 hours


We will begin right after breakfast as today is going to be a long day. We start our trail through the valley along a zig-zag path till we reach the pass at Nebuk-la at an altitude of 5385m. After enjoying the view from up here, we trek down the valley with the river to our left towards another valley. After some time we will see a shepherd’s hut known locally as a Doksa which is at a junction. From here we continue down the river to reach Rale where we will pitch our tents at an altitude of 4415m.


Day 8:

Trek from Rale to Durbuk

Duration: 4 hours


In Rale there are quite a few places to visit like the govt. school, the village shops and monasteries etc. We can mingle with the local population who are very friendly and learn of their farming and animal husbandry methods. Since the trek to Durbuk is only 4 hours, we can afford to spend time in Rale. Leaving Rale, we follow the river to the right till we reach a small pass at 4050m. En-route we can see some Petroglyphs till we reach Zanmo. From ZAnmo we will drive all the way to Durbuk and check into some good hotel for a hot shower and hot dinner.

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